Ars Electronica Mix: Worldviews

Of scientific consideration and creative (re)interpretation

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Dienstag, 12. Mai 2020, 13:30 - 14:00
Alle Termine werden in der Mitteleuropäischen Zeit (MEZ / UTC+1) angegeben.

Countless satellites orbit the earth. They constantly provide new images and insights about our planet and move it into ever new perspectives. In this presentation we will introduce you to digital image processing tools and earth observation programs and show you analogue image transfer techniques as well as the photographic noble printing process called cyanotypie. Furthermore, the focus is on the viewing of satellite images themselves.

This presentation is part of a teacher training course within the framework of ESERO Austria for creative and interdisciplinary teaching. ESERO (European Space Education Resource Office) is a project of the European Space Agency ESA and education partners in various European countries to promote the interest of young people in science issues (MINT subjects in primary and secondary education). ESERO Austria has been active at the Ars Electronica Center on behalf of ESA and BMK since 2016.