Tour: Brainpower & … IV

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Freitag, 3. Juli 2020, 14:00 - 14:30
Alle Termine werden in der Mitteleuropäischen Sommerzeit (MESZ / UTC+2) angegeben.

The C. Elegans, a 1 millimetre small nematode, is a very simple organism that is already very well researched. The number of all its nerve cells is known and the entire connective tissue – the entirety of the connections in its nervous system – of a worm has been recorded. The open source community „Open Worm“ has fed all this information into the microcontroller of a robot, among other things. In the robot, the body parts of the worm are imitated with digital building blocks. The robot can navigate freely without any additional programming – in search of virtual food, it turns around when it encounters an obstacle and finds new ways to reach its destination.

In this guided tour, we look at how complex the linked brain cells of humans are and how this is in contrast to other living beings, such as the nematode C. Elegance.