LINZ CHANGES Exhibition Tent Drew Big Crowds

Third Appearance at the Urfahr Fair
LINZ CHANGES Exhibition Tent Drew Big Crowds

(Linz, May 7, 2012) Back by popular demand, the LINZ CHANGES exhibition tent made its third appearance at the Urfahr Fair from April 28 to May 6 and got a tremendous reception once again this year. Lots of folks took advantage of the opportunity to enjoy this creative and entertaining presentation of the City of Linz and all it has to offer. An audience favorite was the “Finger Marathon” in which guests could use tablet computers to let their fingers do the running over a stretch of Linz’s biggest race. Other very popular attractions were the 16-meter-long panorama wall featuring high-definition photos of the cityscape, the 150-m2 aerial view of Linz laid out on the tent’s floor, and the “Views” installation with its historical postcards and interactive table offering an excursion into the city’s past.
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LINZ CHANGES: Next Installment in Autumn

Your next chance to experience the LINZ CHANGES tent will be at the next Urfahr Fair September 29-October 7, 2012. The exhibits will be all new, highlighting new facets of urban life and new aspects of the city’s municipal services.

A Joint Project of the City of Linz Municipal Enterprises

LINZ CHANGES is being produced jointly by the City of Linz and its municipal services & enterprises: local government agencies, the utilities, the general hospital, the senior center, the concert hall, Ars Electronica, the real estate development corporation, the information & communications technology provider, the Tobacco Processing Plant development corporation, the security patrol, the municipal housing authority, the Design Center management company, the local light railway and the airport. The exhibition’s interactive installations were created by the Ars Electronica Futurelab; the exhibition architecture is the work of ANY:TIME, a Linz firm; Messemanagement Linz GmbH set up the exhibition tent.


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