Deep Space LIVE: The Arctic, North Pole 90°00 N, Franz Josef Land

Deep Space LIVE: The Arctic, North Pole 90°00 N, Franz Josef Land
Thursday, February 13, 2014 / 8-9 PM / Ars Electronica Center

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(Linz, February 10, 2014) Visitors to the next Deep Space LIVE this coming Thursday are invited to join Josef Friedhuber on a photographic expedition heading through the Arctic towards the North Pole. An atomic-powered Russian icebreaker capable of 75,000 horsepower is the ideal means of transportation in this fantastic world of ice that is also one of Earth’s most hostile environments. This adventure also includes a side-trip to Franz Josef Land, an uninhabited archipelago in the Arctic Ocean, to seek traces of 19th-century polar expeditions.

Josef Friedhuber

Born in 1948 in Ansfelden, Josef Friedhuber studied biology and earth science, and taught in various capacities until 2007. Since 2004, he has lectured on scientific subjects and headed expeditions to Franz Josef Land, Novaya Zemlya and Severnaya Zemlya, Spitsbergen, South Georgia, the North Pole and the Antarctic. Friedhuber has produced nine TV documentaries for the ORF – Austrian Broadcasting Company’s Universum and Land der Berge nature series, and taken numerous photographs that have been awarded prizes in international competitions.

Deep Space LIVE

The Ars Electronica Center is now hosting a Deep Space LIVE event every Thursday (except holidays) at 8 PM. Each presentation will feature ultra-high-definition imagery in 16×9-meter format and will be accompanied by expert commentary, entertaining stand-up repartee, and musical improvisation. Whether great works from the history of art, space travel, journeys of discovery in the Nanoworld, or a live concert is what you’ve come to behold, Deep Space LIVE stands for enlightening entertainment amidst breathtaking worlds of imagery. Admission is €2. Holders of a valid Museum ticket are admitted free of charge.


Deep Space LIVE: Arctic, North Pole 90°00 N, Franz Josef Land / Sepp Friedhuber / Printversion / Album