90,000,000 Views with Funny Commercials and a Visit to the BioLab

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Dalibor Truhlar on Youtube

(Linz, February 1, 2021) Get to know the world’s most successful Youtuber in terms of “Funny Commercials” with Dalibor Truhlar, dive into the fascinating structures of our brain with neuroscientist and book author Dr. Manuela Macedonia, take a trip into the future of interactive gaming and stop by the Ars Electronica Center’s BioLab for a jump and a whole lot of “aha experiences”. Ars Electronica Home Delivery offers great new programs this week and also delivers plenty of other fascinating clips-from A for astronomy to Z for future-to watch right in your living room, kitchen, office or kids’ room.

This week’s program at a glance:

Remote Coffee with Dalibor Truhlar
TUE February 2, 2021 / 4:30 p.m.

Who knows Dalibor Truhlar from Upper Austria? Well, the chances are not bad that most Youtube users have already come across one or the other of his videos. The Upper Austrian is the world’s most successful Youtuber in the field of “Funny Commercials”. His compilations of funny commercial videos have already been viewed more than 90 million times and watched for more than 7 million hours. At Ars Electronica Home Delivery, Dalibor Truhlar tells us why he makes his videos, gives practical tips on how to become successful as a Youtuber, talks frankly about terms like views, likes and watch time, and reveals whether producing these videos has also had an impact on his bank balance.

Update: The Ars Electronica Center’s BioLab.
WED February 3, 2021 / 2:30 p.m.

The BioLab focuses on the human organism and the processes of life that take place at the cellular and molecular levels. Indeed, the latest scientific methods allow us not only to observe and visualize biological processes, but also to intervene in them in many ways. In this home-delivery session, viewers will be given an overview of the various instruments available at the Ars Electronica BioLab and will also learn about the areas of research in which these tools are used.

Deep Space LIVE: Brain for Beginners
THU February 4, 2021 / 5:00 p.m.

Neuroscientist and author Dr.in Manuela Macedonia tells Deep Space LIVE in an easy-to-understand way how our brain is built, how it processes and stores information from the sensory organs and in what way movement is controlled. In addition, viewers will gain exciting insights into common methods of neuroscience.

Cooperative Aesthetics: Divided
SUN February 7, 2021 / 3:30 pm

The Ars Electronica Center’s Deep Space 8K, with its 16-by-9-meter wall and floor projections, not only offers interactive 3D flights through the universe, breathtaking images from inside the human body or gigapixel images of world-famous paintings but, thanks to laser tracking, is also ideal for all kinds of interactive applications such as the game Divided. An aesthetic game for two teams where collaboration is required and spontaneity and improvisation are crucial.

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“Ars Electronica Home Delivery” is a weekly program that includes Guided Tours of Ars Electronica exhibitions, excursions to Ars Electronica Labs, visits to the Machine Learning Studio, concerts with real-time visualizations, Deep Space LIVE sessions, workshops with engineers and talks with artists and scientists from around the world, as well as offerings for schools, universities and companies. “Ars Electronica Home Delivery” aims to make the artistic and scientific exploration of the future accessible to the widest possible audience.

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