Untamed Music, Open Futurelab 2020 and a Sound Mixer in 16 by 9 Meter Format

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(Linz, 17.5.2021) Get exciting insights into Ars Electronica Futurelab projects and collaborations, enjoy a live concert full of energetic music and rhythmic descriptions of landscapes, and make Deep Space 8K resound by means of a digital sound mixer. Ars Electronica Home Delivery offers a number of new programs again this week, and delivers plenty of other fascinating clips-to watch right in your living room, kitchen, office, kids’ room or classroom.

Inside Futurelab: Open Futurelab 2020
TUE 18.5.2021 / 6:00 p.m.

To deepen discussions about the future of our society, the Ars Electronica Futurelab opens its doors every year during the Ars Electronica Festival and invites visitors to learn about the latest research findings and collaborations at the intersection of art, technology and society. In 2020, the interactive format “Open Futurelab” presented for the first time not only exhibitions and lectures in Linz, but also various experimental projects online. On Tuesday, viewers of Ars Electronica Home Delivery can expect a retrospective of the best moments of “Open Futurelab 2020” with fascinating results from the collaboration with pen and tablet manufacturer Wacom as well as with Japanese TV broadcaster NHK, exploring the possibilities of 8K technology in conjunction with vertically arranged screens.

Deep Space LIVE: untamed
THU 20.5.2021 / 7:00 p.m.

A live concert with the trio verve awaits viewers of Ars Electronica Home Delivery on Thursday evening at Deep Space LIVE. The program includes “Wem gehört der Mensch” by Austrian composer Werner Pirchner, whose music is untamed and full of energy. Afterwards, the audience can expect Plainscapes by Peteris Vasks, one of the best-known composers from the Baltic States, who refers to the poetry and landscapes of his homeland in his works. The trio verve consists of Suyang Kim on piano, Bernhard Metz on violin and Manuel Von Der Nahmer on cello. The visuals are provided by MONOCOLOR alias Marian Essl.

Cooperative Aesthetics: Sound Mixer / Gerhard Funk
SAT 22. 5.2021 / 3:30 p.m.

Students of Time-Based and Interactive Media Art at the Linz University of the Arts made use of the infrastructure of Deep Space 8K with its 16 by 9 meter wall and floor projections and laser tracking and developed various projects that they are now presenting to the viewers of Ars Electronica Home Delivery under the motto Cooperative Aesthetics. At the beginning of Gerhard Funk’s Sound Mixer, all participants stand on one side of Deep Space 8K. When one person moves to the other side of the room, sounds and lines appear on the walls and floor. If more people follow, a sound carpet is built up.

About Ars Electronica Home Delivery
“Ars Electronica Home Delivery” is a weekly program that includes Guided Tours of Ars Electronica exhibitions, excursions to Ars Electronica Labs, visits to the Machine Learning Studio, concerts with real-time visualizations, Deep Space LIVE sessions, workshops with engineers and talks with artists and scientists from around the world, as well as offerings for schools, universities and companies. “Ars Electronica Home Delivery” aims to make the artistic and scientific exploration of the future accessible to the widest possible audience.

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