A Tribute to Philip: Maki Namekawa, Dennis Russell Davies and Cori O’Lan congratulate Philip Glass on his 85th Birthday

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Philip Glass
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Maki Namekawa

(Linz, January 25, 2022) Philip Glass is one of the most versatile and influential living composers, a master of such varied forms as operas, symphonies, film scores, sonatas and etudes. On January 31, 2022 he will celebrate his 85th birthday. In “A Tribute to Philip”, Maki Namekawa, Dennis Russell Davies and Cori O’Lan will congratulate the maestro with a concert in the Deep Space venue of the Ars Electronica Center in Linz. The program includes “6 Etudes for Piano” (performed by Dennis Russell Davies), “Piano Sonata” (performed by Maki Namekawa) and “Four Movements for Two Pianos” (Maki Namekawa and Dennis Russell Davies). All three pieces will be accompanied by impressive visuals by Cori O’Lan. Fifty music enthusiasts can be present on site – tickets are available at kupftickets.at – while the many Glass fans all over the world will have access to a free live stream from “Ars Electronica Home Delivery”.

“A Tribute to Philip” will be performed in cooperation with the Ruhr Piano Festival, which commissioned the composition “Four Movements” and, together with Ars Electronica and the Philharmonie de Paris, also commissioned the Piano Sonata. The concert is also supported by Linz AG, Bösendorfer, Wiener Zeitung, HYPO Oberösterreich and Trumpf.

Longstanding collaboration with Dennis Russell Davies

In Philip Glass’s long career and extensive oeuvre, one name appears again and again, that of a man who has had a formative influence on the music world in Europe: Dennis Russell Davies. Davies has conducted many European orchestras, including the Bruckner Orchestra Linz and the ORF Radio Symphony Orchestra Vienna. The friendship and collaboration between Dennis Russell Davies and Philip Glass goes back to their youth in New York. Dennis Russell Davies went on to become one of the most important interpreters of Philip Glass’s music — no other conductor has premiered as many works by Glass as he has. As a pianist, Davies also has close ties to Glass’s work: the composer wrote his first six Etudes for Piano for his friend in 1994.

A Piano Sonata for Maki Namekawa

Maki Namekawa is probably the most distinguished interpreter of Philip Glass’s piano works. In 2014, she made the first complete recording of the 20 Etudes for Piano, which she was the first to perform in full at a concert. In 2018 she achieved a great success with the piano version of the Mishima film score and in 2019 Philip Glass wrote a piano sonata for Namekawa, which will also be performed at this concert. In addition, the program includes the Four Movements for Two Pianos, composed by Philip Glass for the piano duo Dennis Russell Davies and Maki Namekawa.

Admission and tickets

To be able to attend the concert on site, proof of triple vaccination or proof of 1st and/or 2nd vaccination or recovery plus a current, negative PCR test is required. Tickets for “A Tribute to Philip” can be purchased online at Kupfticket: https://arselectronicacenter.kupfticket.at/events/deep-space-concert-philip-glass-85/. The LIVE stream is free of charge.

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