A Parallel (R)evolution — Digital Art in Latin America

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(5.9.2022) Five media art projects explore new technologies at the Lentos during Ars Electronica 2022, focusing on Latin American identity, culture, and history. Realised for the exhibition for the first time, these projects have already been singled out for the CIFO-Ars Electronica Award.

In Chimera, Expanded Bodies, Mexican artist Amor Muñoz explores the social dimensions of the cohabitation of omnipresent technology and our biological organisms. New media and electronic textiles are made to serve a feminist agenda in ¿La has visto…? (Have You Seen Her?) by Dora Ytzell Bartilotti. Light, string instruments, and architecture are used as tools in time slip, a song for structural comfort by Thessia Machado to explore the material aspects of sound and its effects on our perception of space. In The Walls Know by Ana Elena Tejera, faded photographs, crumpled book pages, graffiti, and modern AI systems conjure up memories of the long forgotten everyday life in old houses. In Cenizas del Paraná, artist duo Electrobiota Collective (Gabriela Munguía, Guadalupe Chávez) use photogrammmetry, drones, and satellite images to take a close look at wetlands and endangered plant species.

All projects on display at the exhibition have been singled out for the CIFO-Ars Electronica Award, which includes financial sponsoring of each work of up to $ 30,000.

Have You Seen Her… ? / Dora Ytzell Bartilotti (MX) / photo: Florian Voggeneder, voggeneder.net / printversion / photo album

Have You Seen Her… ? / Dora Ytzell Bartilotti (MX) / photo: Dora Ytzell Bartilotti / printversion / photo album

int.: time slip, a song for structural comfort / Thessia Machado (BR/US)/ photo: Thessia Machado / printversion / photo album

Chimera, Expanded Bodies / Amor Munoz (MX) / photo: Render by Luis Bolaños / printversion / photo album

Cenizas del Paraná / Gabriela Munguía (MX) and Guadalupe Chávez (MX) / photo: Electrobiota, Courtesy of the artists / printversion / photo album

The Walls Know / Ana Elena Tejera (PA) / photo: Ana Elena Tejera, Boquila DAO : Xing XIAO, Xiyue HU, Guangli LIU / printversion / photo album