Undershoot, sensitive data: Cristiano

Cindy Coutant (FR)

OÖ Kulturquartier
Computer Animation




In Undershoot, sensitive data: Cristiano, soccer star Cristian Ronaldo is the center of attention. Using text commands, Cindy Coutant interacts with a virtual Ronaldo.

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She remotely feeds the character (input), who then acts and transforms the submitted text (output). With this supposedly interactive project, the artist addresses the deeply human need to feel connected to someone with all our senses – be it real or just virtual.

Undershoot, sensitive data: Cristiano/Cindy Coutant (FR), Credit: Mezzanine Sud


Project Credits:

  • 3D: Robin Maulet
  • Unity development: Léon Denise
  • Produced by Le Confort Moderne (Poitiers, FR), Zebra3 (Bordeaux, FR) and LAC&S Lavitrine (Limoges, FR).
  • Special thanks to Jérémie Nuel