Elie Lomami

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When I think of great leaders, they share seemingly obvious traits ; they’re are a beacon of hope and an outstanding source of confidence which made them feel natural to follow. They radiate motivation, perseverence, optimism, charisma even.
Equally, they had to both convince others that the status quo wasn’t fine, and align a significant number of people to one common direction towards progress.

However, I do think there are some underrated factors in driving change.
In my opinion, though it is important to have the clearest objective possible, things won’t always run smoothly. No one got it right on the first try. Therefore, there has to be a healthy balance between pushing forward and being open to reassessment/feedback.

Another underrated key factor is having sufficient strong bonds. Having the right entourage has averted so many premature downfalls. Emotional support isn’t addressed enough. It is important to lift eachother up and rise together.