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Fall Term Outcomes: Project Insights & Process Presentations

Four months full of exciting academic challenges led the Students of the FOUNDING LAB Fall Term into unknown waters of various disciplines. In collaborative processes and different learning settings created by the Fellows and the FOUNDING LAB Team, the Students explored and developed diverse semester projects together.

On January 25, 2024, the results of these Fall Term projects and the underlying processes were opened to the public: During the Open House at IT:U, the Interdisciplinary Transformation University Austria, visitors were invited to gaze at the project showcasing and listen in on the Process Presentations. In the evening, student performances could be experienced at the Ars Electronica Center at Deep Space 8K and the piano room in the AI x Music exhibition. 

Impressions of the FOUNDING LAB Event:

During the Process Presentations, the Students reflect not only on their projects’ contribution to the future of higher education but also dissect the processes with their unique variety of viewpoints. Moderated by the artistic director and CEO of Ars Electronica Gerfried Stocker, the founding president of the Interdisciplinary Transformation University Austria Stefanie Lindstaedt, urban scientist and founding convent member Katja Schechtner, and innovation researcher and founding convent member Christopher Lindinger, the FOUNDING LAB Process Presentations foster a rich and informative discourse and experience for the audience.

Process Presentations

In this Process Presentation, Students from the FOUNDING LAB share their experiences and discoveries in the realm of interdisciplinary research. The discussion will feature diverse Fall Term projects, ranging from exploring the very essence of interdisciplinarity to groundbreaking collaborations between nature and music, and the creation of immersive virtual reality dreamscapes utilizing generative AI. They delve into the challenges and opportunities that arise when boundaries between disciplines blur and talk about the insights they gained about the transformative potential of interdisciplinary approaches.

In this Process Presentation, the FOUNDING LAB Students engage in an exploration of digital empowerment that redefine ownership in the digital age through the lens of their projects. This session delves into the ways digital technologies empower individuals to take charge of their lives, health, and self-expression. Topics touched upon in the discussion include the transformative potential of the quantified self, the correlation between gut movements and intuition, the artistic personalization of DNA ink, the reclamation of terms in discussions on gender identity and sexuality, and the democratization of scientific knowledge. This is an opportunity to reflect on the evolving dynamics of empowerment and ownership in the modern era of digital innovation.

In this Process Presentation, the FOUNDING LAB Students delve into the core of human existence in the digital era, where their diverse projects converge to challenge and redefine the essence of being human, and the connection humans have with their environment. This session delves into the transformative aspects of our digital identity, exploring the intricate dance between humanity and technology. The panel navigates the realms of biological hybrids, digital interactions, human-robot collaboration, societal gamification, inclusive XR technology, and the profound connection between nature and humanity.

In this Process Presentation, the FOUNDING LAB Students share their experience in exploring the profound impact of narrative in the process of shaping their Fall Term projects. Discover how narratives serve as the cohesive force, seamlessly weaving together insights from various disciplines, times, and places. Engage in discussions on the transformative power of storytelling — the exploration of human connections, the challenge of shifting perspectives, and the transformative potential when interdisciplinary research is driven by a compelling narrative.

Learn more about the Students’ Fall Term Projects here.

Impressions of the Process Presentations:


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