Mar Fernández de las Heras Osés

Pronouns: she/they

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As an artist and researcher, I am deeply passionate about exploring the convergence of technology, gender, and art. There are two compelling aspects of this program that deeply resonate with me. Firstly, I am amazed by AE and IT:U’s commitment to establishing a genuine transdisciplinary approach to the subject of Digital Transformation. I strongly believe in the power of collaborative work and the generation of knowledge across diverse disciplines. Additionally,  the prospect of participating in such an inclusive and multicultural program seems extremely exciting, since working, talking and thinking with people from multiple backgrounds is an enriching experience that enables intellectual growth as both a researcher and an individual.
I also aspire to adquire an even more technology-focused education that will equip me with a deep understanding of the current “onlife” context, our hybrid situation in which binary clasifications and dycothomies such as natural/artificial have become obsolet, and where data, algorithms, and interfaces permeate nearly every aspect of our lives. I am particularly drawn to the program’s emphasis on discussing these themes in a constructive manner.
I am excited to join an institution that actively fosters dialogue and encourages students to explore innovative ideas for creating a brighter future.