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For AI Inquirers

Ars Electronica Festival, Linz, Austria, September 6 – 10, 2023

Join us at this year’s festival, explore how Artificial Intelligence shapes our perception of reality and take part in thought-provoking discussions around truth and ownership in the digital age.

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Check out Exhibitions at POSTCITY and the University of Arts Linz!

What happens to democracy, when artificial neural networks not only push certain opinions over others but also start crafting their own realities? This collection of captivating projects invites you to unravel the threads of AI’s impact on our daily lives, communities and the very foundation of our political systems.

  • Anatomy of Nudging

    Anatomy of Nudging

    Godot (JP/AT), Ars Electronica Futurelab (AT)

    Anatomy of Nudging is the first installation of the Collective Transformation Lab – an enlightening self-reflection platform that demonstrate the transparency of NudgeAI and provides users with a trustful approach towards artificial intelligence in which they themselves become part of the process.

  • CODE 2023

    CODE 2023

    Ars Electronica Garden Utrecht: IMPAKT [Centre for Media Culture] (NL)

    How can we help develop a code of ethics for our digital future? How can we change Big Tech into Fair Tech? In CODE artists and non-artists work together to develop projects that can trigger discourse on these urgent questions.

  • Consensus Gentium

    Consensus Gentium

    Karen Palmer (GB)

    As we now find ourselves in a futuristic dystopian world, the immersive film experience Consensus Gentium will enable participants to experience both dystopian and utopian future realities, based upon how we respond to the world we find ourselves in today.

  • Eco-Bot.Net


    Barnaby Francis (GB), Robert ‘3D’ Del Naja (GB), Dale Vince (GB)

    Eco-Bot.Net is a cross-sectoral initiative launched online during COP26 (2021) to expose the scale of corporate greenwashing and climate change disinformation on social media, co-created by artists Bill Posters, Rob Del Naja of Massive Attack and UN Ambassador Dale Vince.

  • Fantastic Smartphones

    Fantastic Smartphones

    ECAL/University of Art and Design Lausanne, Bachelor Media & Interaction Design (CH)

    Fantastic Smartphones – a series of interactive installations developed by students in Bachelor Media & Interaction Design at ECAL, investigating in a critical and offbeat way our relationship with smartphones and the way they influence our daily behavior.

  • Microfluidic Oracle Chip & Autopoesis Answering Machine (MOC&AAM)

    Microfluidic Oracle Chip & Autopoesis Answering Machine (MOC&AAM)

    Agnes Meyer-Brandis (DE)

    A microfluidic machine and installation that whimsically explores whatever questions we ask and how we answer them. Each question is an experiment in itself.

  • Museum of Fake

    Museum of Fake

    Ars Electronica Garden Hallein: Escape Fake 2.0 (AT)

    Exhibition visitors are invited to take a trip to a future Museum of Fake together with Hannah, a quantum reality hacker. Together, they look back at the year 2023 and try to assemble a picture of the trajectory of disinformation. What role did generative AI or blockchain-based verification systems play in Hannah’s future reality?

  • Pollinator Pathmaker 

    Pollinator Pathmaker 

    Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg (GB)

    Pollinator Pathmaker is an artwork for pollinators, planted and cared for by humans. Created in response to human-made ecological damage, the work is a one-of-a-kind experiment in interspecies art. Bees, butterflies, moths, wasps, beetles, and other pollinators are essential for many plants to reproduce and our ecosystems to flourish.

  • Prompt Battle Training Station

    Prompt Battle Training Station

    Sebastian Schmieg (DE)

    Do you have what it takes to be a prompt engineer? Train your skills at the Prompt Battle Training Station and prepare for the prompt battles of the future.

  • Unerasable Characters Series

    Unerasable Characters Series

    Winnie Soon (HK/UK)

    This body of work addresses the chilling scale and effect of state-enacted censorship, enforced through digital infrastructures.

Broaden your Horizons at one of our Expert Talks!

Karen Hao and Sarah Kreps are only two names in a long list of speakers at this year’s Festival. Join them and other world leading experts who are shedding light on the intricate interplay between technology, power dynamics, and societal structures.

  • AI and the Very Old World Order

    AI and the Very Old World Order

    Karen Hao (US)

    Keynote: Over the last few years, a growing number of scholars have argued that the impact of AI is repeating the patterns of colonial history.

  • Promise and Perils of AI-mediated Political Communication

    Promise and Perils of AI-mediated Political Communication

    Sarah Kreps (US)

    The proliferation of Generative Artificial Intelligence has already transformed economies and societies. It also stands to impact political representation, bringing both opportunities and risks.

Visit the Ars Electronica Center!

Watch Artificial Intelligence ‘think’, immerse yourself in compositions co-created by humans and machines, train self-driving cars or marvel at interactive projects in the Deep Space 8K.