FRAMELESS / Korea National University of Art | K-ARTS (KR), Pohang University of Science and Technology (KR), Photo: Gaeun Ju


Korea National University of Art | K-ARTS (KR), Pohang University of Science and Technology (KR)


FRAMELESS, a metaverse platform dedicated to art and performance, arises from a partnership between the Art and Technology Lab at Korea National University of Arts and Pohang University of Science and Technology. The upcoming festival will unveil the unique design aspects of FRAMELESS through two immersive metaverse performances – Breaking The Ice and Passhass, enhanced by two sophisticated virtual reality artworks, ASEAN and The Places That Will Soon Disappear, employing point cloud technology.

In the premier performance, Breaking The Ice, attendees equipped with multisensory devices will unfreeze the ice, save non-human characters, and join a collective dance in the metaverse, representing the convergence of art and technology. This initiative has been made possible by The Culture Technology R&D Talent Programs Universities, supported by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korea Creative Content Agency R&D Center.

  • Asea 2023

    Asea 2023

    Yerin Doh (KR)

    Asea Electronics Shopping Center, despite its rich history, had faded into obscurity. Yet, an entire ecosystem arises from the digital remnants of the pre-demolition building, captured via laser scanning.

  • Breaking The Ice

    Breaking The Ice

    Ark Park (KR) Hojeong Lee (KR) Sohee Choi (KR) Jiwon Park (KR) Gunmee Park (KR) Gijeong Han (KR) Jungwoo Park (KR) Gyuree Kim (KR) Jahyoun Koo (KR) Minhwi Cha (KR) Wonhong Lee (KR) JooKyung Lee (KR) JeongYun Yook (KR) HwanJun Lee (KR) Yubeen Kim (KR) Innbae Pak (KR) Junwoo Kim (KR) Yundong Lee (KR) Sanghyun Park (KR)

    Breaking The Ice is a metaverse immersive concert using haptic, motion capture, and VR technology. This work was born after thinking about the relationship between AI and humans. Through art that combines technology, I would like to raise the question of the universal feeling of love.

  • PassHass


    Byeori Ahn (KR), Kwanghyun Lee (KR), Hajung Woo (KR), Jeonghyun Soh (KR), Minhyuk Che (KR), Aori (KR), Sejin Jang (KR), Yeonmin Kim (KR)

    A VR Immersive Theater Experience. Players awaken as molds and explore the unknown spaces to seek out food and accelerate the growth of that place. After accomplishing your missions, you will realize that you have destroyed the last hope of all human beings – the seed vaults on a spacecraft protecting humanitiy from climate catastrophe.

  • The Places That Will Soon Disappear

    The Places That Will Soon Disappear

    Park Gunmee (KR)

    This narrative seeks to immortalize the fleeting moments of a hometown on the brink of change in VR space. It’s told from the viewpoint of a native citizen, witness to the city’s cycle of growth and decline.


The Korea National University of Arts, founded in 1993 by Korea’s Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, is the country’s sole national arts university. Located in Seoul, it aims to nurture artists via its six schools: Music, Drama, Film, TV & Multimedia, Dance, Visual Arts, and Korean Traditional Arts, covering 26 departments.


Project Creator: Sngmoo Lee(KR) / Chungyean Cho (KR)
Project Chief Coordinator: Ark Park (KR)
Project Operation Manager: Seungpyo Kang (KR)
Chief Supervisor: Gaeun Ju (KR)

Metaverse World Team
Porject manager: Gaeun Ju (KR)
Interaction designer: Hoyeon Choi (KR)
World designer: Nuri Jeon (KR) / Eunchae Sah (KR) / Yerin Doh (KR) / Haneol Kim (KR)
Developer : Jubilee Mayanja (UG)
Sound designer: Bokyung Shin (KR)
Curator: Yeonsoo Park (KR)

Associate Researcher: Nuri Jeon (KR), Honglin Jin, Minkyung Kim (KR), Minhyuk Che (KR), Seungpyo Kang (KR), Gaeun Ju (KR)