POSTCITY House Rules

Dear visitor!

Every person who wishes to enter the premises within the scope of these house rules expressly agrees to submit to a possible check by the organizer’s security service. Each person agrees to follow all instructions of the organizer and accompanying personnel.

If there is a threat of overcrowding in parts of the event area, partial closures and access restrictions may be imposed.

Please take into account that the POSTCITY area is an abandoned industrial site, the access to which is associated with increased dangers due to its concrete condition (e.g. heavy – partly automatic – doors, low construction height, uneven floors, protruding technical equipment or parts thereof, etc.).

In the interest of all, please be quiet and considered.

Children are only allowed to visit the POSTCITY if the accompanying parent or guardian guarantees that they will be able to move around the area in a way that minimizes the dangers. POSTCITY is not a playground.

It is forbidden to bring dogs or other pets.

It is forbidden to bring weapons of any kind and objects that could be used as weapons, as well as any substances that could pose a danger, pyrotechnical objects of any kind and flammable liquids, alcoholic beverages, cans, glass bottles, drugs and other intoxicants, racist, xenophobic, national socialist, sexist or political propaganda material.

Furthermore, it is prohibited to bring or ride the following items on the entire premises: (e-)bicycles, (e-)scooters, roller skates, skateboards, roller skates, tricycles or similar means of transport.

The parking of objects of any kind is prohibited on the entire premises, unless this is expressly approved by the organizer. The same applies to the parking of vehicles and other objects on the POSTCITY premises (in particular also around the Waldeggstraße entrance and the POSTCITY courtyard). Entrances to houses and courtyards, stairways and hallways must be kept clear as escape routes. Parking is only possible in the designated short-term parking zones and the parking garages (including the parking deck at the main train station and the underground parking garage at Wissensturm).

Visitors are not allowed to enter the festival outside the festival opening hours.

The use of all roofs and roof-like open spaces is prohibited, unless explicitly permitted by the organizer.

The use of all lifts, which are explicitly permitted for the transport of material only, is prohibited.

The waste containers provided must be observed for environmental reasons. Waste must be disposed of in the containers provided.

Smoking is prohibited on the entire premises.

Ars Electronica Linz GmbH & Co KG assumes no liability for lost/stolen items during the festival and cannot provide any compensation. Theft and intentional damage to property will be reported immediately.

Entrance is at your own risk only, and Ars Electronica Linz GmbH & Co KG assumes no liability whatsoever.

In the event of danger (fire, accidents, violence, etc.), the security service or the emergency services of the blue-light organizations must be notified immediately.

Ars Electronica reserves the right to expel violators from the premises if they fail to observe the house rules. Any (administrative) or criminal conduct will be reported to the appropriate authorities without exception. The security service is entitled to refuse access to the event area to persons who represent a security risk.

We ask for your understanding and strict adherence to the house rules.

Ars Electronica Linz GmbH & Co KG