Love Vibes / Daniel González Franco (CO), Cathline Smoos (FR), Alejandro Martín (ES), Credit: tom mesic

Love Vibes

Ars Electronica Garden Barcelona: ESPRONCEDA — Institute of Art and Culture (ES)

A Journey of Dance, Unity and Connection

Love Vibes is a unique fusion of virtual reality and dance, presenting an unconventional installation/performance that explores the concept of subjective truth. Dubbed by the public as the ultimate ice-breaking tool for lonely souls, this immersive experience dynamically responds to live music, gradually engaging participants in a semi-choreographed group dance that fosters unity and camaraderie. Through synchronized visuals and spontaneously suggested dance movements, Love Vibes creates an unparalleled shared experience, enhancing the sense of connection between the participants.

Drawing inspiration from the captivating aesthetics of 1980s synthwave, Love Vibes transports participants into a visually stunning retro-futuristic realm. Once inside the VR headset, vibrant neon lights cast a mesmerizing and psychedelic filter over reality, enveloping individuals in a pulsating atmosphere that harmonizes with the celebratory sounds of human expression.

At its core, Love Vibes delves into the depths of the present moment, consciousness and the quest for meaning. Challenging conventional truths, it evokes a sense of wonder and offers fresh perspectives. Instead of promoting an implicit physical separation, Love Vibes uses VR to embrace the beauty of genuine connections. By dismantling barriers and blurring boundaries between the real and the virtual, Love Vibes facilitates transformative experiences that inspire change and deepen connections.

  • Love Vibes

    Love Vibes

    Daniel González Franco (CO), Cathline Smoos (FR)

    Love Vibes combines VR, dance and truth. It reacts to live music, immersing participants dynamically. Diverse visuals sync with music type, beats and genre, offering a unique experience of empathy and connection. Ideal for parties and festivals, promoting love. Inclusive with Oculus Quest 2 and passthrough.


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