Nähküche; photo: Philipp Greindl

Sewing Kitchen

Martina Eigner (AT), Andrea Fink (AT), Barbara Forsthuber (AT), Barbara Gamsjäger (AT), Lisbeth Koller (AT), Daniela Mandler (AT), Daniela Mittelmann (AT), Silvia Neubauer (AT), Annabelle Reuter (DE), Ingrid Wallner (AT)

An open sewing workshop

The Sewing Kitchen is an urban, low-threshold meeting place where visitors can make new contacts, realize their individual sewing and textile recycling projects and learn new creative techniques, too.

Sustainability is more than just a catchphrase here: visitors can make individual, beautiful one-off pieces from worn-out textiles and from fabrics that have not been sewn.

The Sewing Kitchen is an open sewing workshop. Perfection is not what it is aboutrather creative individuality, a sense of achievement and fun with other like-minded people.

The Sewing Kitchen is a place where you can experiencethe fun that comes from doing it yourself, making you proud and boosting your self-confidence.

Visitors have access to a creative room with sewing machines and tailoring materials. A team of volunteers provides help and advice.

In addition to open visiting hours, there is a colorful course program in which new and old creative techniques can be learned.

In addition, the Sewing Kitchen is mobile and can be found at events, where it invites people to join in with sewing machines, fabrics and lots of colorful sewing equipment.

Sewing Kitchen

BiograIn the Sewing Kitchen we recycle worn-out, washed-out, holey and old things to turn them into individual, beautiful and personal one-off pieces. We collaborate in an autonomous, creative way,. After all, it is more fun to make something yourself than simply to consume it! By working together, there is an opportunity both to be constantly learning and to be exchanging ideas.