Digital Logic Noise Generator – White Sample


A couple of days ago, you could read about some Open Source – Projects of the the Ars Electronica Futurelab, this time around we present you the work of Artist in Residence Ignacio Cuevas Puyol, namely the Digital Logic Noise Generator.

Modular synths have earned their place in the history of sound-generating as well as popular culture. Huge arrays of LFOs, gates, filters, envelopes and many more where chained together to play an important role in electronic music. They’ve lost some of their appeal for a couple of years, mainly because of the size and quirkeness, but nowadays, there’s more and more smaller and bigger companies and diy-hackers building no additions to the lot.

Ignacio Cuevas Puyol, Artist in Residence at the Ars Electronica Futurelab, only known as White Sample, is a fan of modular synthesis and has spent his time at the Lab developing the Digital Noise Generator, which is a arduino-based synthmodul, which you can programme via USB, has 4 Outs plus Sum, and you can mangle with the loop via poti.

He drew inspiration from code one-liners which are turned into music, Ignacio’s plan was to transport this concept into the world of hardware.

The obvious question is: “What does it sound like?” which is not that easy to answer, since there’s a lot of parameters influencing the sound. The way you programme the module is one of it, and one of the specialities of modular synths is the option to combine different device to create an unlimited amount of different sounds and textures. Find out what the Digital Logic Noise Generator could sound like on December 18th, 5:30 pm at the Deep Space of the Ars Electronica Center, where White Sample will perform together with Chris Bruckmayr (Futurelab/Raum.Null) supported by visuals by Verovisual and Peter Holzkorn (both Futurelab).

Furthermore, White Sample has recorded an album during his residency at the Futurelab. Download it for free following this link or by clicking the cover.

White Sample

White Sample is Ignacio Cuevas Puyol from Santiago, Chile. Er ist Media Artist, Electronic Musician, Sound Designer, Audio Experimentalist.