Virtual Worlds

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In search of turning points and milestones, the Ars Electronica Futurelab is embarking on an exciting biographical journey. In a series of seven episodes, it picks up the narrative of its visionary storyline and focuses each month on another chapter in its 25-year history – always close to the boundary between art, technology and society.
Following Episode Zero, the introductory Deep Talk with Horst Hörtner, Andreas J. Hirsch and Susanne Kiesenhofer, it is now taking a look at the topic of Virtual Worlds – against the backdrop of a specially developed Virtual Production system for Deep Space 8K: “Deep Virtual” is intended to allow viewers to immerse themselves in Virtual Worlds remotely and together, and thus also marks a step into the future of Deep Space 8K and Ars Electronica Home Delivery.
Lab Director Roland Haring and Lead Developer Johannes Lugstein thus present a new perspective on virtual environments and insights into the Lab’s DNA.

Six more episodes in series will deal with exciting topics involving the past, present and future of the Ars Electronica Futurelab and, from a reappraisal of the past 25 years, lend a forward-looking dimension to the look into the future with the topics Poetic Sytems, Creative (Artificial) Intelligence, Humanity & Robotinity, Computation & Beyond, the Art of Swarms, and Art Thinking.
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