Diverse, fresh, exciting: Futurelab Day 2022

How the Ars Electronica Futurelab celebrated the Festival with guests and the public - open, multifaceted and always surprising.

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A festival day dedicated to Ars Electronica’s creative research and development lab: once again, the Ars Electronica Futurelab team joined forces with numerous guests from art and industry to create an exciting, diverse and always surprising Futurelab Day for all visitors.

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The presentations of the Futurelab’s latest projects were met with great interest. During the festival, visitors were able to experience “Dataspace: Global impacts of the Russian war on Ukraine” in Deep Space 8K for the first time and follow the sparks of their own creativity in real time with the fascinating project “Life Ink”. An insight into the diverse work of the Futurelab was also provided by the final presentation of the “CoBot” project, in which the cooperation of humans and robots was tested, for example in Deep Space 8K, with numerous project partners such as the JKU.

The Futurelab team was also available in person for the visitors: They were able to create messages from ink with microorganisms in “Bio Ink” and paintings from light in “Space Ink”. In addition, the Art Thinking workshop “Re-Writing the Script – A New Relationship to Finitude” offered a new perspective on one’s own life. “Revivification”, an artistic cooperation project on in-vitro intelligence, was also open for the public with a workshop. In Kepler’s Gardens, visitors were also able to discuss their opinions on “Mobility of the Future” and explore “neuro-rights” of the future with “The NeuroRight Arcades” by Artist in Residence Roel Heremans.

The Futurelab Day kicked off once again with “Morning Inspirations” on this year’s Futurelab Day motto “Creative Resilience for a Planet B”: with the question of how art and creativity can take society along towards communal resilience in the face of various crises. The audience was also able to contribute interesting aspects in an open discussion.

Further exciting presentations and discussions followed in the Afternoon Experiences, from “Media of the Future” to “Humanity of the Future” and “Work of the Future”. Another highlight of the afternoon was the keynote speech by Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker on “From the Limits of Growth to Wellbeing for All within Planetary Boundaries”, followed by a discussion with members of the Club of Rome on “Earth 4 All – A Survival Guide for Humanity”.

The Futurelab Day concluded once again with the “Night Performances”, an exciting mixture of project presentations and artistic performances. These included the world’s first glimpses of the Futurelab-internal projects “SonoSynthesis” and the children’s book to the Deep Space hit “Welcome to Planet B”, which was also developed by the Futurelab team. The projects “WebExpression” with partner Cisco and “Dataspace” with Nikkei as well as “Life Ink” in collaboration with Wacom were also presented to a broad audience for the first time – the latter impressively illustrated by a brilliant performance by pianist Maki Namekawa. Musical highlights continued, from “Man-Machine Music”, \a.ni.i.la.sjɔ̃\ and Plasticphonia to Polychoro and Futurelab’s own 11°22’4″142°35’5″ as an exciting conclusion to the Futurelab Day.

Want to know more? Go to the website of the Ars Electronica Futurelab, find more information on our speakers on the Futurelab Day 2022 page – and visit us in 2023!