Sneak peek into the future

In this video tour of the "Alchemists of the Future" exhibition, Hideaki Ogawa takes you on an extraordinary journey into the future.

Deck 50: New Science Communication Platform at the Vienna Natural History Museum

By the means of Citizen Science, a new laboratory and workshop area, interactive research stations and immersive worlds in Deck 50 awaken the researcher's instinct in visitors and invite to engage.

In search of the evolution of intelligence in the universe

The search for extraterrestrial intelligence may make some people think of a funny guy in a bicycle basket, for others it has serious scientific relevance and is closely interwoven with research on artificial intelligence. Thinking off the beaten track helps in this multidisciplinary work.

Strolling Between the Disciplines

The JKU campus as a place of encounter and as a place for projects that can only be discovered by strolling through the park and looking attentively into the air. JKU LIT @ Ars Electronica as well as the Garden Exhibition in Kepler's Garden on the JKU Campus feature playful projects that combine various disciplines.

How AI, Big Data and Machine Learning can be used against the Corona virus

We looked at several examples of how Artificial Intelligence, Big Data or Machine Learning are used in the containment of the coronavirus, and the problems, opportunities and challenges they present.

From Theory to Practice: Ars Electronica Research Institutes

Here, academic basic research meets Ars Electronica Futurelab’s artistic/scientific application scenarios: Starting in autumn 2019, the new Ars Electronica Research Institutes will be building a bridge between theory and practice. In this interview, we learned exactly what that looks like.

"Humans can determine their own evolution"

With innovative tools such as CRISPR/Cas9, humans can dive deeper into the development of life ever before and change it according to their own ideas. Manuel Selg from FH OÖ Campus Wels will talk about what this is all about and what has happened since the first BioLab was set up at the Ars Electronica Center as part of the theme weekend "Optimization of our Body".

Live Heart Surgery at Deep Space 8K

Mehr als 100 Besucherinnen und Besucher waren am 4. April im Deep Space des Ars Electronica Center mit dabei und konnten eine Herz-OP im Kepler Universitätsklinikum live mitverfolgen.

Artificial Intelligence and Neuroscience: A fascinating Cocktail for a Residency

The newly founded European ARTificial Intelligence Lab offers an exciting residency in Argentina and Austria for artists working in the fields of artificial intelligence and neuroscience. Mariano Sardon from Muntref Centro de Arte y Ciencia tells us more in this interview.

Academy of Error: Antimatter Physicist Michael Doser

The Academy of Error at the 2018 Ars Electronica Festival is bringing international experts in science and research to Linz to reflect on how to come to terms with error. Michael Doser, an antimatter physicist at CERN who will moderate this event on September 9th, gave us a few advance insights into mistakes, research and chance.

Physicians’ Colleague, Patients’ Helper: The Cognitive Computer

The 3-D short film entitled “Physicians’ Colleague, Patients’ Helper: The Cognitive Computer” will be running in Deep Space 8K at the Ars Electronica Center beginning in May. This film explains how deep neural networks can facilitate the evaluation of medical data, and how this is changing both the physician’s role and the doctor-patient relationship.