The time-lapse film “Dilpoda“ features live Isopods settling on a computer main board. As the creatures are coloured by UV paint and are illuminated by black light the scene evokes images of life in a big city at night with busy streets and speeding cars. The camera imposes on the observer the bugs‘ perspective while travelling through the tecnoid architecture that makes up the main board. „Dilpoda“ seems like a fantastic fantasy, nevertheless the action is real an could only have been documented through modern imaging technologies – thereby emphasizing the interplay between Nature and Technology. To study natures‘ secrets we are relying on modern technology, at the same time technology allows us to control and change our environment. What would happen if non-human organisms would gain access to our cumulated knowledge – would we witness the birth of a new life form? The pulsating score emphasizes associations with both big city life and 90s computer game aesthetics.