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To debunk myths about the technologies that have invaded our day-to day, we bring together those who spend their days (and perhaps nights) researching how artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain and algorithmic processing, sometimes surreptitiously, though in the end always visibly, alter the fabric of society as we know it.

In articles, interviews, or podcasts, we unpack how new technologies impact our day-today, from the way we dress, eat, sleep to the more burning issues of how we consume information or act as citizens in the digital-real world.

The Digital Deal Podcast

As our world expands beyond physical frontiers into digital spaces, old forms of governance are forced to go through thorough revisions.

The Digital Deal Podcast, invites artists, cultural critics and theorists, and AI experts to discuss how new technologies reshape our democracies and help us make sense of these changes.

New episodes come out every two months. You can listen to us here, or wherever you get your podcasts.

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