Symbiotic Creativity

The biological mechanism of living organisms and nature provides innovative inspirations for the future of society. In Creative Symbiosis, we use biology and chemistry to develop creative systems, methods, and technologies that interact, communicate, and co-create with living cells, organisms, and nature.

It is a shift of perspective from a human-centered approach to a planet-centered approach that benefits the entire biosphere. Can we build symbiotic systems in which not only humans, but also artificial intelligence, robots, and other technologies learn and create with nature? How can we utilize the creativity of biological entities? And how can we build a biological infrastructure and platform accessible by artists and the public for creative experimentation as well as social and ethical dialogue?

From in vitro creativity of living cells to biochemical signals in the natural environment, the creative exploration of biological systems helps us build a future that humanity cannot build alone.

Photos from top left to bottom right: Martin Hieslmair | Birgit Cakir | Yoko Shimizu