AMS: Future Studio for Women

In order to support women re-entering the world of work or changing to a new professional field, a new workshop program was developed in the Future Thinking School together with AMS Upper Austria and VFQ Gesellschaft für Frauen und Qualifikation Linz.

The “Future Studio” gives participants an insight into the world of digitalization, especially that of artificial intelligence: what impact could AI have on the world of work as well as on society? In addition to imparting knowledge, the focus is on increasing interest in new technologies. The fact that digitization topics that seem complex at first glance can be quite understandable and that future technologies can be applied themselves will boost the participants’ self-confidence. The “Future Studio” program has been run for women in cooperation with AMS Upper Austria since March 2022. It is intended to encourage participants to use new technologies as tools, and to use them to actively shape their future.