create your world

Dance Monkey. Movie by pupils of Gymnasium Bad Leonfelden and Motomachi Highschool Hiroshima, 2023

Who decides, how the next generation will be in 20 years? Which technologies will be used then? How is our society developing? Which artistic ideas can help us? Innovative ideas, themes and projects can be found at create your world! This initiative of Ars Electronica divides in three parts:

Let’s do it together.

Every new development has to be taught, learned and educated in the future. With this platform, Ars Electronica invites you to experiment, explore and develop. New project formats are constantly being tried out, alternative learning structures tested and many different project ideas implemented.

create your world is not only concerned with new technological developments, but also tries to integrate the complex web of art, technology and society into everyday life and thus make it usable. Sustainability is also an important focus – in every form: Whether green event or use of regional resources – the long-term “durability” of ideas and projects is an important goal here.

“We are not looking for superstars!“

create your world is Ars Electronica’s future initiative of the next generation. As such, it’s currently on the lookout again for talents – not for superstars in the Prix Ars Electronica. Everyone can participate, everyone can win.

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