You have to invent the future you desire.

Together with us, at the Future Thinking School.


The digital revolution leaves no stone unturned. It brings forth new technologies and business models; it changes the way we live. To actively shape this revolution, we need people who understand change and can analyze complex concepts, develop new strategies, and define the future roadmap for their organization. And this is where we come in.

Welcome to the Future Thinking School!

What does digitization mean for your company and your team? How will it impact your work processes, products, and services? Through Future Thinking School we invite you to work together with artists, developers, technologists, and scientists to answer the questions that will be central to your company’s future. Building upon the expertise Ars Electronica has built since its inception in 1979, we have created innovative and interactive educational programs for professionals from private and public sector organizations as well as entrepreneurs.

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