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The digital transformation leaves no stone unturned. It constantly brings forth new technologies and business models, and places unknown demands on managers and employees. To actively shape this revolution, you need people who have a sense for this change, who recognize the correlations, in order to develop new strategies and to set the course for the future. But where else can you learn to meet your challenges at eye level if not at Ars Electronica’s center of competence in future education?

Future Thinking School provides you with support!

What does digitization mean for your organization and your team, what for your work processes, products and services? In the Future Thinking School’s training and education programs, you’ll explore digital transformation and innovation from a variety of angles while immersing yourself in Ars Electronica’s creative diversity. From keynote speeches to full-day workshops, – with our tried-and-tested trainings for your organization – we’ll develop selected content on the topics of innovation, new technologies, digital humanism and digital transformation. Ars Electronica’s creative ecosystem, especially the interactive exhibitions in the Ars Electronica Center and the 3D multimedia space Deep Space 8K, as well as the international network of experts, offer the best conditions for bringing the future within your reach with our analog and digital methods.

Future Skills for your team!

“Future Thinking” is a mindset and means being aware of the past and the future and acting accordingly in the present. Mostly, technologies are linked to future topics, such as machine learning, augmented reality or robotics. After all, new technologies are always bringing dramatic changes to our working world and economy, and the current developments in our digital society are placing a wide range of demands on managers and teams. But becoming truly fit for the future requires more than a technical understanding. It’s also about the right mindset. In its online and face-to-face programs, the Future Thinking School therefore addresses both aspects. The workshop and training programs developed in Ars Electronica Center’s infrastructure for your organization will address your specific challenges and questions, but also provide you with specific future skills, visions and goals.

Future Thinking School Experts

Ready for Innovation?

A whole range of innovative organizations – from the academic, public and private sectors – rely on training courses at the Future Thinking School. With our diverse educational offerings, you too can get your team, students or trainees off to a flying start into the future. Our workshops teach the basics of Future Thinking and provide insights into the future and new impulses. We develop our individual programs together with you and according to the specific requirements of your organization. They provide participants with exciting insights into the future and give them new impetus.

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