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Thu Nov 4, 2021, 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
All times are given in Central European Summer Time (CEST / UTC +2).
Diesen Deep Space LIVE können Sie auch vor Ort im Deep Space 8K besuchen.
Informationen dazu hier: Deep Space LIVE: PUNTIGAM-KELLER-WILBERTZ "Und Ja, And Yes,"

After years of most intensive intercultural artistic activities and cooperations, especially in Southeastern Africa and East Asia, but also in New York, Austrian trombonist Werner Puntigam surprises in times of corona-related travel and performance restrictions with the production of the CD “Und Ja, And Yes,” in finest Central European instrumentation. Together with his congenial, equally experimental musician colleagues, the Swiss guitarist Beat Keller and the German percussionist Georg Wilbertz, freely improvised chamber music miniatures are presented in each case as a duo – live on stage also as a trio – and set a creative sign of confidence against the general lockdown disenchantment.
The international quality of the album is underlined by the release on Elliott Sharp’s New York label ‘zOaR Records’ (ZCD 066), which the master additionally honors with his liner notes on the cover:

“With UND JA, AND YES, Messrs. Puntigam, Keller, and Wilbertz present a virtuosic music that operates across varied moods while traversing barriers of genre and style. This is accomplished not with a flaming sword but with sly humor and pointed technique. These pieces are miniatures and in their own way pay tribute to the master of the miniature, Anton Webern, who distilled primal energy into compact arcs of crystalline sonic purity. In this album, the balance between improvised spontaneity and structural integrity is achieved with the manifestation of pithy statements that never wear out their welcome but instead leave a lasting impression in the ear in much the same way that a powerful flash will imprint upon your visual cortex.”

As a multidisciplinary artist, Werner Puntigam is not only responsible for the cover artwork of the album but also contributes the visuals for the 16x9m wall and floor projections.

Deep Space LIVE

High-resolution worlds of images in the format of 16 x 9 metres meet expert commentary. Deep Space LIVE stands for enlightening entertainment amidst impressive pictures. Further dates can be found at

Deep Space 8K

The Ars Electronica Center offers its visitors something that is unique in the world: On a 16 x 9 meter wall projection and an equally large floor projection, the Deep Space can reproduce even the finest details of a picture motif thanks to its brilliant 8K resolution.

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