Future impulses: Blockchain Innovation Workshops

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In collaboration with ABC RESEARCH

Although blockchain is primarily associated with cryptocurrencies, there is much more behind this technology.

Transparency and data integrity are considered the main characteristics of this decentralized database technology. Blockchain technology is already being applied or tested in various industries as well as in public services along the value chain – be it in tracking the flow of goods in supply chains or in digital identity management.

This interactive program aims to identify an in-depth understanding of blockchain and work together in groups to develop or discuss application examples.

Credit: Ars Electronica / Robert Bauernhansl

The workshop can be conducted online or as a face-to-face event. A digital delivery is via Zoom (preferred) or Microsoft Teams.

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Target group

  • This online program is suitable for employees of private sector companies as well as public institutions.
  • Basic knowledge of Blockchain or participation in the online workshop “Future Insights” is required.

After the program, participants will receive a (digital) confirmation of participation and as well as a (digital) summary of the online questions and discussions.


  • Introduction and definition of terms (short review)
  • Phase 1: Ideation
  • Phase 2: Concept-Design (use case and technical implementation)
  • Phase 3: Concept design (business) & evaluation
  • Phase 4: Presentation & discussion of the created concepts
  • Summary and Questions & Answers

Each of the four phases consists of a short keynote presentation (goal, tools, work instruction), a work phase within the teams, a short presentation with Q&A in plenary and a break afterwards.

Presenters: Vinzenz Treytl, Alexander Eisl, Stefan CraƟ

Duration 4 to 4,5 hours
Format The program has been created as an interactive virtual workshop. It will be conducted online via Zoom with the integration of Mentimeter.
Language English or German
Preparation & Requirements Basic knowledge of Blockchain or participation in the online workshop “Future Insights” is required. No preparation is required.
Fee Upon request