Ars Electronica is a global creative organization based in Linz, Austria for 40 years. As a special unit of Ars Electronica, Ars Electronica Japan puts educational and cultural programs, consulting and advanced research related media art into practice for Japan. It forms a creative ecosystem for shaping future society together with citizens, Japanese creators, educational public institutes and industries.

Historically, Ars Electronica and Japanese artists have collaborated on creative projects for the annual Ars Electronica Festival, Ars Electronica Center and Ars Electronica Export exhibitions. What is more, many Japanese creators have been awarded the Prix Ars Electronica in the past. The Ars Electronica ecosystem has proven to be fertile ground for creating future dialogues between art, technology and Japanese society. Following this background, Ars Electronica Japan has been creating dynamic interactions in the import and export of creative programs between Japan and Linz. The projects created cover a wide range of activities, from cultural initiatives, consulting, research & development to educational initiatives.

Cultural Initiatives

The activities of Cultural Initiatives aim to bring the mood of Ars Electronica to Japan, as well as creating cultural platforms for discussing future society together with artists and citizens in various locations. The unique programs are being realized throughout the year, such as School of the Future at Tokyo Midtown in Tokyo, Matsudo International Science Art Festival and Ars Electronica in the Knowledge Capital in Osaka.

Consulting, Research & Development

In collaboration with corporate partners, Ars Electronica Japan applies an artistic perspective for extracting issues and social implementations from consulting to research and development. In the NTT Swarm Arena project, Ars Electronica Japan collaborated with the Japanese telecommunications company NTT to create a new kind of sports viewing experience by developing a swarm display bots system. In collaboration with Wacom, one of the world’s leading tablet manufacturers, Ars Electronica Japan explores creativity of the future through the Future Ink project. Another example in collaboration with Japan’s largest public broadcasting organization, NHK, is a research project to explore creative use of 8K, the next generation of ultra-high definition TV technology.

Educational Initiatives

The educational initiatives are dedicated to incubate future cultural leaders and conduct highly specialized academic research. Since 2021, together with the Agency for Cultural Affairs of the Government of Japan, Ars Electronica has been running the Program for Next Cultural Producer Incubation Project, that is a practice-based special training program at Ars Electronica. In collaboration with Keio University, Ars Electronica Japan runs the course entitled “Artistic Journalism”, which discusses current society from the critical perspective of art. Ars Electronica also collaborates with Hakuhodo, one of Japan’s biggest advertising communication companies, to promote the Art Thinking program, which applies the thinking of art and artists to society, creating the basis for action of social innovation.

Our Team in Japan and Austria