Acquired Immunity

Acquired Immunity Exhibition

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Acquired immunity displays artworks arising from our residencies and invited artists. We bring together artworks that were created as a response to challenges from the local environment: natural, social, and other artists. A response that we compare to the way the immune system responds to new challenges.


1. biTransversal Symmetry Axiswerks, by Adam Zaretsky (US/PT)
2. Biota, by Agnes Chavez (US)
3. Forest, by Alan Tod (FR/PT)
4. Grasping Permeability, by Amy Youngs (US)
5. Dreaming of a Butterfly, by Antonio Caramelo (PT)
6. Becoming, by Carla Rebelo (PT)
7. Re-culturing, by Carolyn Angleton (US)
8. Staying in Touch, by Dalila Honorato (PT/GR), Louise Mackenzie (UK), Robertina Šebjanič (SI), Isabel Burr-Raty (BE/CL), Karolina Żyniewicz (PO/DE) Edited by Pavel Tavares (BR/PT)
9. Air of Troy, by Kathy High. (US)
10. Opera for Dying Insects, by Ken Rinaldo (US)
11. Me, You and the Fields, by Matilde Real (PT) and Pavel Tavares (BR/PT)
12. Adaptive Membrane, by Maria Manuela Lopes (PT)
13. An Island, by Marie Fages (FR/PT)
14. Black Gold, by Mark Lipton (CA), Hege Tapio (NR) and Marta de Menezes (PT)
15. WEB, by Marta de Menezes (PT), Kira O’Reilly (IE/FI)
16. Nó no sol, by Monica Garcia (PT)
17. A Fox’s Tale, by Lena Lee (MX)
18. Aviacene & Aquatocene: Stories of Birds and Crustaceans of the Cantera Reserve, by Lena Lee (MX) and Robertina Šebjanič (SI)
19. Human Egg, by Pavel Tavares (BR/PT)
20. Complementary Space, by Paulo Bernardino Bastos (PT)