Piksel Cyber Salon

Lecture: Authors of the Future. Re-imagining Copyleft

Constant (BE)

Samstag, 12. September 2020, 16:00 - 17:30
Alle Termine werden in der Mitteleuropäischen Zeit (MEZ / UTC+1) angegeben.

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Video recorded lecture with Q&A from the artists

The Authors of the Future. Re-imagining Copyleft, by Constant (BE), seeks to address burning issues around licensing and collective creative practices. How can we limit predatory practices without blocking the generative potential of Free Culture? What would a decolonial and feminist license look like, and how could we propose entangled notions of authorship? Constant is a non-profit, artist-run organisation based in Brussels since 1997 and active in the fields of art, media and technology.


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