The London Garden of Heterotopias

Urbanism Beyond Cognition

The Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London (UK)

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What role will public spaces play in urban, data-rich environments which are increasingly organised and mediated by AI? Could such powerful computational tools change how we design public spaces to give agency to different scales and temporalities?

Developed by Research Cluster 14, the projects showcase how data allows designers to expand their remit by design at the scale of a country or how AI can give agency to non-human ecological and robotic actors.

Project Credits / Acknowledgements

Research Cluster 14 [RC14] – BPro Urban Design, The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL

Tutors: Roberto Bottazzi, Dr Tasos Varoudis

Students: Abdimajid Aden, Jie Chen, Chia Hsun Chiang, Hongshuo Dai, Huiyu Fan, Yubin Liao, Mohammed Saifiz Puthiyaveettil Abdul Hameed, Yifei Song, Eirini Tsouknida, Xueqing Wang, Jingzhe Xu, Jialu Yu, Xinzhuo Zhao, Ning Zhao, Nanxi Zhou, Krishan Sharma, Keyu Su.