Emilie Trice & LAST/RESORT present Garden del Rio Grande

If once we ever were by Jaime Carrejo (USA)

Black Cube Nomadic Museum (USA)

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Black Cube Nomadic Museums’ executive director and chief curator Cortney Lane Stell presents If once we ever were, a virtual recreation of a public sculpture and temporary monument by artist Jaime Carrejo that recognizes immigrants and their contributions to our communities. The monument is a triumphal arch composed of chain-link fencing that originally appeared in Denver, Colorado and acts as a metaphor for boundaries—the delineation of private and public space, the division of geographical borders, and the separation of rights.

Project Credits / Acknowledgements

Garden del Rio Grande curated by Emilie Trice
Participating artists and institutions: John Jota Leaños, Rafael Fajardo, Cherish Marquez, LAST/RESORT Club (Artists: Jeremy Billauer, Sarai Levinson, Cherish Marquez, Scott McKinney, Austin Slominski, Emilie Trice, Jullian Young), Black Cube Nomadic Museum, Denver, Colorado; Desert Valley Art Ranch, San Luis, Colorado


Black Cube Nomadic Museum is always evolving as it explores experimental approaches to presenting and engaging the art of today. By operating outside of traditional museum confines and constantly changing locations, our projects aspire to reach new communities not regularly exposed to contemporary art. Black Cube endeavors to reach diverse audiences across the globe while supporting artists’ sustainability. Our key program is a year-long fellowship for contemporary artists, in which we work closely with artists to realize a site-specific artwork—anywhere in the world. At our core, we stimulate the public realm with ambitious, experimental, and engaging contemporary art that seeks to inspire. Since our inception, we have produced nomadic exhibitions in small Colorado mining towns, along the U.S.–Mexico border, the world stage of the Venice Biennale, and beyond. Black Cube Nomadic Museum’s executive director and chief curator is Cortney Lane Stell.