Garden Bavaria After Party Hosted by XR HUB Bavaria Supervisors: XR HUB Bavaria: René Kasperek, Silke Schmidt

Have fun and mingle! XR HUB Bavaria is hosting an after party in Mozilla Hubs, where you can meet the creators and artists of Garden Bavaria. Let´s talk, discuss and ideate with virtual drinks at a virtual bar and find out fascinating insights or connect with like-minded people!

LMU Munich and TUM/MCTS: Melissa Mueller (LMU), Selma Causevic (LMU), Julia Delacor (LMU), Finja Hinrichs (LMU), Melike Mesin (LMU), Annabelle Andres (LMU), Yvonne Creter (LMU), Maximilian Reiner (TUM), Clara Valdés Stauber (TUM) Supervisors: Dr. Karin Guminski, Aida Bakhtiari, Jan-Hendrik Passoth

TRANSCENDENCE: presents an VR environment in form of a serene and magical forest, that strives to provide a safe mental space for people, who are burdened during times of uncertainty and constant change. A carefully curated selection of visuals and sounds encourage the user to leave everyday stress and anxiety caused by Covid-19 behind. The VR experience aims to support people, to clear their mind in order to better process the pressure of the global pandemic crisis. Transcendence attempts to guide the user through a meditative, calming environment, that speaks to mind and body. The combination of anxiety soothing nature as well as precisely arranged sounds and colours turn Transcendence into a safe haven – transcending the user from the physical realm into the

University of Applied Sciences Augsburg and TUM/MCTS: Adrian Ludwig (HS Augsburg), Florian Kapaun (HS Augsburg), Johannes Weigele (HS Augsburg), Codrin Podoleanu (HS Augsburg), Benedikt Friedl (HS Augsburg), Simon Hofmeister (HS Augsburg), Linda Ma (HS Augsburg), Dennis Appelt (TUM), Carmen Bozga (TUM), Paola Segovia Alvarado (TUM), Xinghan Liu (TUM) Supervisors: Prof. Andreas Muxel, Elias Naphausen, Jan-Hendrik Passoth

TRACK_48N10E is a location-based, real-time application, mapping your surroundings to a virtual synthesizer. The mobile, web-based reality extension enables users to perceive their sonified environment while strolling. The soundscape is dynamically generated by urban and rural features of site-specific map data and changes with every single step. TRACK_48N10E encourages the exploration of known and unknown places by ear. Two places never look the same and therefore never sound the same. With each step the listener dives further into a unique, extended reality.

LMU Munich and TUM/MCTS: Lucas Fellner (LMU), Viktoria Lubomski (LMU), Claudius Budcke (LMU), Lorenz Meyn (LMU), Ferdinand Domes (LMU), Joanne Arkless (TUM), Cynthia Yee Ting Ng (TUM) Supervisors: Dr. Karin Guminski, Aida Bakhtiari, Jan-Hendrik Passoth

STORIES OF AN INSTANT exemplifies a variety of perspectives created by the societal circumstances of COVID-19. To stimulate a change of perspective and awake empathy the project includes voice recordings of people affected by the crisis. By assigning different stories to meaningful objects, STORIES OF AN INSTANT creates separated areas, each defined by a strong symbolic language. Based on exploration of situated knowledges and the duality of objectivity-relativism, the project challenges one's view of their own truth – striving to showcase considerable perceptions of others.