Guided tour through the art+science 2020 exhibition in Belgrade
Dobrivoje Lale Eric (RS), Petar Lausevic (RS), Bojan Kenig (RS), Maja Ciric (RS)

This program enables visitors to the Garden to see highlights of the art+science lab exhibition in Belgrade through a guided tour led by the curatorial team and artists. Visitors can gain special insight into the works of art on display, all by local artists and transdisciplinary teams. The aim of the exhibition is to map key themes and concepts through which we can start to critically approach AI.

Aleksandar Bulajić (RS), Ana Popović (RS), Isidora Pejović Blagojević (RS), Maja Maksimović (RS) and Sunčica Pasuljević Kandić (RS)

Walk through Belgrade with the authors of the pervasive game problematizing different aspects of AI. AI / VI is a pervasive game using a smartphone. A specially designed application with an AI ​​function that acts as a guide through the game, occasionally uniting the player and AI into a symbiotic metaorganism. The game has no pre-set routes or endings; the path that opens is gradually shaped by the players. The mapped points of the game open spaces between different institutions in Belgrade and problematize the role of AI in private and public life. The goal of the game is to put the players in a position to re-examine the current human and algorithmic ways of decision-making and their consequences in the near future. 

I sit and worry about her
Jasna Jovicevic (RS)

I sit and worry about her is a musical improvisation experiment exploring the endless worry of mothers for their daughters through the mapping and sonification of brain waves.

Artist talk – Kristina Tica
Kristina Tica (RS)

The winner of the Serbian national art+science AI Lab selection for 2020, Kristina Tica, talks about her project Digital Prayer. The project is using a computer vision method for image generation to create a visual output that represents Orthodox icons.

art+science lab 2020 – virtual exhibition

Using Mozilla Hubs, the content of the exhibition in Belgrade will be transformed into a virtual art+science exhibition which anyone can visit and explore.

art+science lab
Center for the Promotion of Science – CPN (RS)

The central segment of the Belgrade Garden is the premiere of the winning artwork from the national art+science selection for 2020. Digital Prayer by Kristina Tica uses ML techniques for establishing a connection between the canonical structure of an Orthodox icon and the image artificially generated by a computer program. The Garden will also host a musical performance I Sit and Worry About Her by Jasna Jovicevic (winner of the national selection in 2019), based on sonification of brain waves. Both works came out as results of interdisciplinary dialogues and an intensive scientific mentorship/residency program facilitated by CPN at principal national research centers.