Guided virtual tour of Popa Nan neighborhood of H3 Studio

A guided live tour of H3 Studio and surroundings, situated in a special part of Bucharest that was on the periphery in the early 20th century and is a place of real estate development in 2020. The urban landscape combines residential houses from the early 20th century with factories and warehouses, communist blocks of flats with new residential and office buildings, in a space trying to find its identity for more than a hundred years.

H3 Garden tour

A tour of H3 Garden in Bucharest, home of before detach () exhibition that will take place outside, at dawn, among the silhouettes of buildings about to perish. The final countdown of this place is imagined through light installations that will instil a final outburst of life.

before detach()

Exhibition before detach() is an exhibition of art installations produced by H3 in Bucharest. It revolves around the concept of detachment. A final outburst of life in a space now meant to perish, aiming to re-appropriate in a final cut the metamorphosis of this living space as holder of past events. Works speak of detaching from the past, from known identities, from the body, from old habits and familiarity. before detach() prepares the unexpected.

Who am I?

A human-robot performance Who Am I? is a performative art installation that traces the relationship between a robot and the human body, between programmed and spontaneous, reproducible and irreproducible. The project takes the myth of Pygmalion as a starting point and investigates the relationship between creator/creation and their perception in a world of AI. Who Am I? is based on the interaction between human and robot, by mirroring the relationship between natural and artificial as a deep meditation on human nature.