Scientific papers

Paper authors: It starts with an inverted map. Chronicle of an imaginary and literal navigation through the southern tip of America. By Paula López Wood "Roots and inorganic forces, tectonic-climate interaction: its meaning in the evolution of the landscape and the habitability of the territory " By Gerd Sielfeld Art, science and society from a critical museology. THE OPEN LANDSCAPE BEHIND THE BORDERS By Alessandra Burotto Tarky Remain or Return: The Ancestral Communities of Magallanes from Hornos Island By Alfredo Prieto

Terra Australis Ignota Research Group Round Table

A Conversation between the different areas involved in the Terra Australis Ignota project. Nicolas Spencer, Artist and Director of Terra Australis Ignota project Víctor Mazón Gardoqui, Researcher and artist Alfredo Prieto Iglesias, Archaeologist and researcher at University of Magallanes Gerd Sielfeld, Geologist and scientist council of Prisma Austral Foundation Paula López Wood, Writer and travel Journalist Alessandra Burotto, Curator of Museum of Contemporary Art Catalina Montero, Producer of Terra Australis Ignota project and talk moderator

A trip to the island
Alessandra Burotto (CL) / Paula Lopez Wood (CL) /Víctor Mazón Gardoqui (ES/DE) / Alfredo Prieto (CL) / Gerd Sielfeld (CL) / Nicolas Spencer (CL/AT) / Terra Ignota

An artistic, geological, archaeological and historical research trip into the southernmost continental island in the world before Antarctic; Cape Horn.

Víctor Mazón Gardoqui (ES/DE), Nicolas Spencer (CL/AT)

Achæoscillator displays the drastic weather conditions of the southernmost island in the world on a virtualized representation of the end/beginning of the Americas. A one-person experience, where the research presents traces and connections between the ancestors of the Yagán community, the Kawesqar and Selk’nam and the Antarctic, Scotia and South America continental plates, offering an inestimable and uncontrollable source of Gaia's power.