Jason Zhao, et al.

[Dis]possess highlights the contradictory forces of capital and progressive politics within the artworld, simulating a coworking space in downtown Chicago that sells twenty-first century indulgences for the price of a cup of coffee.

Brett Balogh; William Harper; James Hartunian; Kristin McWharter; Patrick O’Shea; Jung Ho Park; Zhong Ren

[Dis]location investigates and extends specific sites in Chicago and beyond to foreground our shared connections to public spaces in both the built and natural environments.

Lola Blake; Jiwon Ham; Addison Tyler Leon; Ethan Proia; Meimei Song; Yimin Zheng

[Dis]place questions the reciprocal relationship between the self and its surroundings in an attempt to expand fixed notions of subject, host, and home.

Gloria Fan Duan; Blake Fall-Conroy; Anaïs Morales; Judd Morrissey, Mark Jeffrey, & Abraham Avnisan; Alan Perry; Chengan Xia; Kio Zhu

[Dis]content probes cultural objects and historical sites to examine the role of art and artifact in the construction of collective memory.

Lee Blalock; Ashara Renfroe; Anna Christine Sands; Julia Tsai; Anne Wilson & Shawn Decker

[Dis]connect interrogates the struggle for connection despite the ubiquity of instant communication, underscoring the role these technologies play in redefining our relationships to others and to ourselves.

Eduardo Kac; Jakyung Lee; Bun Stout; Tongqi Wang; Ling Zeng

[Dis]orient explores real and imaginary spaces of isolation and introspection through experimental poetry and performance.