The Thoughts Behind the Artworks at Prisma Garden

PRISMA Garden showcases five distinct Indonesian artists whose work depicts their restlessness and hope around the current Indonesian situation in Indonesia.

c o l o ( u r)
Notanlab (ID)

“Our characters meet Indonesian Flora app.” The installation will produce emotional analysis results from colors drawn by the audience to paint the illustrations. This technology-based art reminds us that emotions and luck can be influenced by color.

I Bet I Love My Garden
Naufal Abshar (ID)

The young and talented Indonesian artist Naufal Abshar longs for the return of greenery to the city it has been replaced by the concrete jungle. He projects his interpretation of the ideal Jakarta from his imaginary gardens artworks.

Virtual Tour journey of Tea Plantation in Indonesia
Motionbeast (ID)

A tour of an expansive and beautiful tea plantation in West Java, telling the story of one of Indonesia’s best-known natural assets and its incredible journey from mountain to coffee tables in every corner of the world.

String Composition - Series 6
Rubi Roesli / Biroe (ID)

In this intervention, an architect plays with lines that no longer represent buildings, but interact with real space directly.

In the Name of the Leaf
Prison Art Programs, Angki Purbandono (founder) (ID)

Angki Purbandono speaks to how diversity of human characters can be reflected on leaves, an inspiration struck upon while spending time in Indonesian prison, because of cannabis. Purbarndono was “saved” by art, and created the Prison Art Program.