Garden of Third Life Conference

The Online Lecture Series aims to share the main discourse on the “Garden,” the central theme of Ars Electronica, and the “Third Life” of the Korea National University of Arts.

Web Gardening

Web Gardening is a workshop hosted by gardeners in the Third Garden. It creates web gardens where participants can experiment with images, sound, and games online based on the keywords visual, auditory, and interaction.

Seoul Garden Exhibition

Seoul Garden is an exhibition space built in Mozilla Hub, which a foreign artist acting as a reporter has constructed into a 3D gallery documenting her exploration of Seoul's urban garden.

Two Hands Performance

Two Hands is a combination of Korean traditional shamanism and contemporary media performance, raising the question of whether future technology can dominate the human mind and soul. Alluding to Roy Ascott's Technoetic Arts, which talks about the connection between technology and spiritual means, Two Hands focuses on the spiritual experience that will present a new possibility to expand the limits of technology.

Third Garden

Third Garden is an online art exhibition space where gardeners of the Third Life experiment with virtual explorers (AKA viewers) based on AR technology. Third Garden shows the research of interactive "play" with visitors that players (AKA artists) in the real world have been contemplating and studying in the web garden of the Third Life. Participating artists share the progress and result (artwork) of creation in the Third Garden.