Into the Woods
Engine Studios (TW)

A folklore about people who lost in the woods and taken by spirits of forest. After years, a girl experiences what had happened before at the same place.

Barkley: A Secret Party In THE WAREHOUSE
studio2 Animation Lab (TW)

A stray dog accidentally found the warehouse where Barkley and other cats lived. The curious dog found the cats and began to run after them for fun but Barkley and the cats were frightened by the enthusiastic dog. Thus, they began to ran and chased each other in the warehouse, triggering a domino effect. The shelves and goods fell down one by one. It seemed like they were having a party.

Upload not Complete
Peppercorns Interactive Media Art Co., LTD (TW)

Created by Taiwanese artists Hu, Chin-Hsiang and Tsai Bing-Hua, this piece attempts to use a hybrid reality, LED lights, wearable devices, and fans to build an installation that uploads the human mind to digital space. Imagine that upload process can be seen as virtual objects in real space. When you see the virtual object and feel the influence (wind and vibration), after passing through the upwardly extending tunnel, the screen enters the completely virtual space, but you don’t know whether the upload is completed.

Kuo Hsueh-Hu: Three States of Home Gazing
Oready Innovation LAB (TW)

Kuo Hsueh-Hu is the most important gouache painter in Taiwan and was born in the Dadaocheng area of Taipei. In the year of 1964, Kuo migrated to Japan. Then his eldest son Kuo Song-Fen, who studied in the United States, participated in the Defend the Diaoyu Islands movement, which was then put on the "blacklist". With less time spent together with his own flesh and blood, Kuo’s family then migrated to the United States to reunite in his later years.

Virtual and Physical Media Integration Association of Taiwan (TW)

Bodyless is from director’s childhood memories which depicts the reduction of humanity by military government during the martial law, the colonial culture as well as the digital era into a story beyond reality. A political prisoner becoming a ghost returned to the living world to visit his family, but found out that the house is empty.