Expanded Animation Symposium at UCA

The symposium Synaesthetic Syntax examines the interactions between animation and audio from a scientific perspective. Researchers and artists were asked to submit contributions on the subject of Synaesthetic Syntax: Sounding Animation/Visualising Audio. This scientific/artistic survey is kicked off by the media artist Rose Bond, who offers insights into her artistic work in public spaces, followed by panel discussions on the topics of "Hearing Color Seeing Sound", "In Front of Your Eyes and Ears", and "The Kinaesthetics of Music and Vision".

S+T+ARTS at UCA: Understanding complex data in COVID times + Fashion: Materialising Numbers

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Leonardo S+T+ARTS: A conversation on "What's next? Art-Science ideas emerging from lockdown."
Camille Baker (CA/UK), Danielle Siembieda (US), Aurelie Delater (FR) and Marie Albert (FR)

During lockdown, Leonardo and STARTS collaborated to exchange and reflect, together with their wider communities, on how COVID-19 is impacting Art-Science/Art-Technology innovation and co-creation.