Virtual students’ exhibition “Hopes & Slopes”
VDA PhAMA (Department of Photography and Media Art at Vilnius Academy of Arts)

Made during the most intensive quarantine period works by artists from the youngest generation rethink isolation, solitude, remoteness, trauma and translate them into visual and aural vibes. All these artists are studying Animation or Photography and Media Art (PhAMA) at Vilnius Academy of Arts. - An exhibition by a group of young artists titled Hopes & Slopes is a place for a safe walk among what has fallen out a few months back.

Open Studios of LTMKS/ artists
Akvilė Anglickaitė, Tomas Daukša, Saulius Leonavičius, Tomas Martišauskis, Emilija Škarnulytė and others

Artists of Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association open up their working studios and invite to explore contexts of heterotopias, technological mythologies, structured commonism, hybridised beings.

Rethinking alive as material
Rūta Spelskytė (LT)

The toolkit is designed to rethink alive as material. To think of the ways we can use nature, create tools out of it, imagine or train plant and animal features, construct their development in the future, and on the other hand – how to take a moment to stop and just appreciate it.

The Birth of Venus
Brigita Kasperaitė (DE/LT)

While in the past electroconvulsive therapy was used in very questionable ways, we can admit one thing, the reality is questionable in itself. And while the artist Brigita Kasperaitė explores the natural and synthetic ways of electrical discharges and how they might affect the surroundings, she is also interested in knowing and experiencing that electricity is everywhere - as well as our bodies.

Multi-eyed creature navigating and traversing the grove
PhAMA/ FAMM department at Vilnius Academy of Arts (LT)

AE Garden Vilnius Mozilla Hub hosts directed multiangle and XR Live Experience of the Garden where around 10 live events and usual grove life are happening in numerous spaces inside and outside and dozen cameras are directed by humans, animals and plants. You can navigate through busy culture events or find your calm spot to enjoy the life of nature.

Experiencing lives
Mindaugas Gapševičius (DE/LT), Brigita Kasperaitė (DE/LT), Rūta Spelskytė (LT), Auksė Gaižauskaitė (LT)

The artist talk raises the question of collaboration between different species. It will start with a presentation of three projects: two toolkits for experimenting with living organisms and a conversation about microorganisms and their hosts. The artist talk is hosted by the Alt lab, a non-disciplinary research laboratory dedicated to artistic-scientific research and implementation of interdisciplinary projects.

Ūmėdė (pre-symposium)
Julijonas Urbonas, artist Ignas Pavliukevičius, artist and composer Gailė Griciūtė, Vytautas Michelkevičius

Ūmėdė is x⬳ disciplinary symposium for emerging art and related matters, and takes its name from the Lithuanian term for the mushroom Russula. x might stand for post-, ex-, extra-, exo-, trans-, poly-, hyper-, trans-, meta-, ultra-, etc.

Calvaria – Participatory Walk
Vitalij Červiakov (LT)

Heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, blood oxygen level - all those things we are measuring and recording with portable and simple designed devices and sharing that information for analysis and storing to contemporary or future big data wealthiest. How are different processes of our body and mind changing during walking?

Microorganisms and their Hosts
Mindaugas Gapševičius (DE/LT)

The video Microorganisms and their Hosts proposes to reconsider the ecology of a human while questioning the impact of the microbiome, researching self-healing strategies, and experiencing the artwork in parallel to the changing environmental conditions. How can one experience their microbiome? Is there any dependence between what we eat, how we behave, and what we think?

Standing Waves
Ignas Pavliukevičius (LT)

Every living being on our planet is surrounded by an electrical field – whether generated by the organism itself, exuded by electromagnetic fields of forests, animals, man-made devices, or stemming from extra-terrestrial sources, such as outer space.

The World is Here For You
Eye Gymnastics (LT)

For the AE Garden Vilnius festival duo presents a two live vocals performance, subtle spoken melodies and soar beats in a dialog with Arturas Bumšteinas’ musical material. During the show, the performers connect eye exercises inspired texts with gradually evolving melodic inserts, spoken songs. In a midst of all suddenly accommodating autumn rush, repetitive, hypnotic recitation invites you to exercise your gaze and see through within.