Leonardo Publishing & Mentoring Workshop
Danielle Siembieda, Erica Hruby, Sheila Pinkel

Leonardo/the International Society for Arts, Sciences and Technology (Leonardo/ISAST) is a global enterprise think-tank creating inroads to imagine a better world, regenerate hope for humanity and achieve breakthrough solutions to our most complex problems. 

The Post-Pandemic City: a Provisional Profile

Specialists from different design and architecture faculties as the Politecnico di Milano and The University of Art and Design Linz will give a short presentation of their recent research on interventions and strategies for urban spaces in times of a pandemic followed by a discussion about provisional profiles for post-pandemic cities. Moderated by Anne Nigten.

Gallery Performances III
Jaskaran Anand, Vicky Michalopoulou, Razieh Kooshki & Vahid Qaderi, Afra Sönmez & Nursinem Aslan

In-between Privacy, Happy 365, Vivid Q, Onisma - Livestream.

Bring Your Own Art

Bring Your Own Art is the open stage for artists, students and researchers, who want to present their current works in 5-10 minutes, after the ‘first come, first present’ principle - Livestream.

State of Online Communities
Carla Zamora, Indiara Di Benedetto, Tiia Suorsa, Iosune Sasarate, Smirna Kulenović, Vicky Michalopoulou, Artemis Gryllaki, Rita Graça

COCO-lands, Happy 365, Syster Papyri Magicae, Networks of Care - Livestream.

Gallery Performances II
Jaskaran Anand, Alejandro Quiñones Roa, Octavian Albu

In-between Privacy, Cascada, Reconnect

Portrait of a Generative Memory
Indiara Di Benedetto (IT)

In this demonstrative performance the artist is demonstrating the project "Portrait of a Generative Memory", that focuses on the subjective interpretation of personal memories about a human face.

State of Online Culture
Tiia Suorsa, Balínt Budai, Mario Romera, Pedro Sá Couto, Giulio Interlandi

Under the Rock, #beatthefuckathome, Proof of Consensus, Tactical Watermarks, Designing Interaction for Enactive Storytelling Experiences - Livestream.

Intimacy, Embodiment & Technology
Jaskaran Anand, Indiara di Benedetto, Nomi Sasaki, Octavian Albu, Gabriele Ragusa

In-between Privacy, Track-track: Let’s Follow the cat!, Reconnect, Untitled at the Strafsachengallery - Livestream.

Gallery Performances I
Alejandro Quiñones Roa, Razieh Kooshki & Vahid Qaderi, Afra Sönmez & Nursinem Aslan

Cascada, Vivid Q, Onisma - Livestream