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IRCAM Institute for Research and Coordination in Acoustics/Music (FR)

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The Institute for Research and Coordination in Acoustics/Music is one of the largest public research centers dedicated to musical creation and scientific research. After 42 years, it remains a pioneering and world-leading venue where artistic vision converges with scientific and technological innovation. Following this tradition of combining scientific and artistic approaches, the IRCAM AIxMusic garden will display multidisciplinary views of both the scientific and creative research carried out on AI. It will feature six events: Can we do the same with less – AI in 64 Kb, a hands-on workshop for the AIxMusic Hackathon by Philippe Esling (FR) introducing techniques for lightweight AI and demonstration of embedded technologies; the panel Frontiers of Music and Artificial Intelligence organized by Elaine Chew (FR), and discussions with Dorien Herremans (BE) and Philippe Esling (FR); the panel Musical Generatives – a discussion panel In the framework of the Forum Vertigo 2020; Little Etudes for Piano – a performance by Elaine Chew (FR) a series of short piano pieces based on cardiac electrical anomalies each described by Pier Lambiase (UK); AI Creative Agents: The Man I Love – a video featuring the Improtek project interpreted by Hervé Sellin (FR) and Remi Fox (FR); and the performance of the Three Ladies Project by artist Georges Bloch featuring the DYCI2Lib technology at Manifeste 2020.



Project Credits / Acknowledgements

IRCAM – CNRS UMR 9912 STMS – Sorbonne Université
Equipe représentations musicales – Groupe ACIDS

The AIxMusic Festival, a S+T+ARTS flagship event, is organised by Ars Electronica and the European Commission.

European Commission