Piksel Cyber Salon

COPY PASTE Exhibition at Piksel Cyber Salon

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The COPY/PASTE exhibition features the work of nine artists and art collectives who make copying a core aspect of their work. Taking the form of an online exhibition at Piksel Cyber Salon, it aims to show that copying is natural, and to re-think how we create/share/copy and paste.

If you are an artist, then you have no doubt copied the work of others. This copying can range from using pages from a magazine in a collage to adopting the style of another artist, or simply being inspired by their work. This natural process of copying, taught to us at every stage of our artistic development, is burdened with a very complex and messy set of laws and social conventions which define and limit how we can use copying in our practices. They don’t account for exceptions or nuances, and come from a historical world in which artworks were scarce physical objects, not translating well into a world in which culture is abundant and can be accessed and copied at will.

Project Credits / Acknowledgements

Curator: Antonio Roberts
Featured artists: Carol Breen (IR), Constant (BE), LoVid (US), Lorna Mills (CA), Matthew Plummer-Fernandez (UK/CO) + Julien Deswaef (BE), Duncan Poulton (UK), Eric Schrijver (NL), Peter Sunde (FI)