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create your world space tour: Hacking Humans for Space and STEAM in Space


create your world: spaceTOUR!

Get space in your classroom and find out more below.

In partnership with spaceEU, the create your world festival comes directly into your classroom. Under the title “create your world: space TOUR” we can offer you two popular workshops for free. The contents are about future issues as well as competencies such as critical thinking and solution-oriented action. Space serves as a source of inspiration and communication.

We can offer these two workshops in a limited number for free for your school. There are no costs for you and we come with the equipment and tools needed. If you would like to have one of these workshops in your classroom in Austria email laura.welzenbach(a)ars.electronica.art.

STEAM in Space

Projecting Particles Collective (INT)

Explore the mysteries of the universe! A unique interdisciplinary sci-art experience combining astrophysics and new media art.

STEAM in Space is an interdisciplinary workshop exploring the wonders and mysteries of the universe from the vantage points of science and art. Participants are taken on an exciting journey through time and space. Along the way, they are immersed in essential scientific knowledge, carefully curated by an international team of experts. Visual storytelling reveals the connections between scientific research and artistic imagination. Interactive projections and collaborative games illustrate and deepen this unique learning experience.

Projecting Particles Collective
Agnes Chavez STEMarts Lab and Founder/Director (Taos, NM, USA)
Markus Dorninger, Josef Dorninger, Matthias Fritz OMAi, Artists and Designers (Vienna, AT)
Dr. Steven Goldfarb ATLAS at CERN and Physicist (Geneva, CH)
Dr. Nicole Lloyd-Ronning Los Alamos National Laboratory Astrophysicist (Los Alamos, NM, USA)
Shane Wood QuarkNet Staff and Physics Teacher (Minneapolis MN, USA)
Steve Tamayo Lakota Cultural Specialist (Omaha, Nebraska USA)

Hacking Humans for Space Exploration

Tinkerbells on Tour: Elke Hackl, Ute Wetscher (AT)

Let us imagine that we have to plan a future Mars expedition where anything is possible. What do we know about Mars and where does this knowledge come from? How would our human body have to change in order to travel to Mars and what consequences would that have for social life? The extreme conditions of space will provide us with creative inspiration. Just think of the different gravitation and atmosphere, or the fact that sound cannot move in space. How can we overcome these obstacles via physical hacks or cyborg components?

In Hacking Humans, Mars and the idea of traveling there are a source of inspiration to think outside the box, ask questions and find solutions. First, we explore our knowledge about Mars and the human body. Then we work out how challenges can be solved and finally, we create visions for such an idea. With a discursive, tangible and experiential approach, Elke and Ute will guide us through this narrative. The creative-productive design of their own new wearable tech ideas is an inspiration to continue thinking after the workshop.

Project Credits / Acknowledgements

spaceEU has received funding from the European Union´s Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation under grant agreement No. 821832.

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