The London Garden of Heterotopias

Design for Performance and Interaction / Interactive Architecture Lab HUB

The Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London (UK)

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IAL Hub Space showcases student projects. The space takes a critical stance on developments across art, science, and technology to spearhead thinking in the 21st century. The projects presented are films and virtual prototypes. We have come to realize that now, more than ever, boundaries which define the arts and sciences no longer hold. To address the changing political, ecological, and technological landscapes, we engage in dialogues that are unfamiliar or uncomfortable. As we move forward, we hope that the collaborative nature of the Lab will encourage peers and colleagues to actively participate in these conversations.

Project Credits / Acknowledgements

Programme Director: Dr Ruairi Glynn 
Tutors: Jessica In, Dr Fiona Zisch, Paul Bavister
Creative Producers: Dr Fiona Zisch, Dr Ruairi Glynn
Exhibition Designer: Ava Aghakouchak
Technical Director: Michael Wagner
Programmer: Dominik Zisch

Students: Farzadnia Mohammad, Lynn Nie, John Lucy, Bowen Zhang, Yuting Chen, Connie Huang, Hope Wei, Alice Liu, Zexuan Qiao, Aijin Ying, Marina Mersiadou, Veronika Bojic, Fei Han, Mahalia Henry-Richards, Shuyue Ren, Carlotta Bianchi, Shiyu Wang, Bernardo Varela, Doris Deng, Sijia Chen, Tung Yi, Jenny (Zhanyi) Xu, Tingyun Wu, Juan Camilo Cabrera, Yuntong Song, Ravin Raori, Dongqi Li, Amy Johnson, Yu Sun, Stephen Henderson, Xuhao Yuan, Jocelyn Murray, Scarlett Chen, Bojia You, Nicola Tong, Spiros Kapogiannopoulos, Abel Enklaar, Chuoying Guan, Peng Luo, Zoe Diakaki