Ars Electronica Garden Bucharest

UNATC Distant Art

National University for Theatre and Film IL Caragiale Bucharest (RO)

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UNATC Garden presents an open-air exhibit of interactive and online works developed by digital artists and students during and after the lockdown experience in Distant Art. Art practice struggled to find its own path in the times of limited direct contact. Telematic presence became a must for most forms of expression creating a Distant Art. While more traditional forms of art had to make an effort to cope with the loss of direct contact, digital game experience remained unchallenged through its virtual world building and digital characters.

UNATC Distant Art

In an empty nature lot in the middle of Bucharest, Distant Art displays works developed during lockdown by students of interactive technologies for performing and media arts, as well as game design. UNATC Garden also presents the results of the online collaboration between four international artists working in interactive art and CINETic Centre researchers and artists. Distant Art looks for new ways of for people to communicate in a world where direct contact was paused for a time. While perspective was drastically shifted for artists working with physical presence, virtual worlds built for digital games made more sense than ever. UNATC Garden offers a perspective on how art students and artists adapted their practice to the no-contact, no-proximity, no-touch world and the strategies they used to reach others. Due to social isolation, students experienced anxiety and disorientation states specific to deprivation of human contact. Projects are directly shaped by isolation, most of them experiencing strange interferences and unexpected paths. UNATC Garden will mix several onsite installations documented online with native online projects in Distant Arts. UNATC is a university dedicated mostly to Theatre and Film teaching, but also Choreography, Game Design and Interactive Technologies. UNATC Garden is hosted in the park of the University House of Bucharest University.

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Project Credits / Acknowledgements

National University for Theatre and Film IL Caragiale, CINETic Centre
University of Bucharest
The University House of Bucharest
CINETic residencies was co-financed by AFCN (Administration of National Cultural Fund)

Curated by: Alexandru Berceanu
Exhibition Design: Iuliana Gherghescu

Ionuț Crava: ASCII DREAMS/ Cosmin Tița: Ennui/Maria Năstase: Sonic Images, Hoarder / Emil Drăgan: CONTROLLed, Paradise Swing/ Alexandra Albu: Acts of Perception: Engender/ Sebastian Comăneci: Quantum Polytopes / Cristi Dragomir THE SECRET/ Fiuciuc Andrei Nicolas C.D.P.R./ Bogdan Gheorghiu U Pilot /Andrei Păun: The Galerist/ Cip Făcăeru, Adrian Raicu: Dream Space Mechanics